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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubDDCA: Turf 2DDCA: B GradeDDCA: C GradeDDCA: E GradeDDCA: F GradeDDCA: Under 16 - 3DDCA: Under 14 - 2DDCA: Under 12 - 2DDCA: Turf 5DDCA: Turf 2 ReservesDDCA: Under 18 - 1DDCA: Under 16 - 1DDCA: Under 14 - 4DDCA: Under 12 - 4DDCA: Under 10 - 1DDCA: Under 10 - 3DDCA: Turf 2DDCA: B GradeDDCA: C GradeDDCA: E GradeDDCA: F GradeDDCA: Under 16 - 3DDCA: Under 14 - 2DDCA: Under 12 - 2DDCA: Turf 5DDCA: Turf 2 ReservesDDCA: Under 18 - 1DDCA: Under 16 - 1DDCA: Under 14 - 4DDCA: Under 12 - 4DDCA: Under 10 - 1DDCA: Under 10 - 3
Allen, ZachNarre Warren Cricket Club30000000000000003000000000000000
Arter, Mitchell DNarre Warren Cricket Club01000000200000000100000020000000
Artner, AndrewNarre Warren Cricket Club00002000000000000000200000000000
Artner, Karl ANarre Warren Cricket Club00001000000000000000100000000000
Artner, Luke MNarre Warren Cricket Club00002000000000000000200000000000
Balasuriya, Kasun NNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000030000000000000003000000
Benson, Lachlan RNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000100000000000000010000000
Bhowmick, IshaanNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000000200000000000000020000
Boyle, Daniel WNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000300000000000000030000000
Brinkmann, CallanNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000030000000000000003000000
Chanana, RajivNarre Warren Cricket Club00000200000000000000020000000000
Chettimada Gopalakrishna, YashasNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000210000000000000021000000
Chowdhury, MehranNarre Warren Cricket Club00000200000000000000020000000000
Clarke, Luke PNarre Warren Cricket Club30000000000000003000000000000000
Cooper, JoshuaNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000100000
Critchlow, Luke PNarre Warren Cricket Club00001000000000000000100000000000
Dennis, Michael ANarre Warren Cricket Club00030000000000000003000000000000
Dinger, Cameron ANarre Warren Cricket Club30000000000000003000000000000000
Dinger, JoshNarre Warren Cricket Club30000000000000003000000000000000
Dow, JoshNarre Warren Cricket Club00002000000000000000200000000000
Edwards, BrandonNarre Warren Cricket Club02000000001000000200000000100000
Edwards, JaydenNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000200000000000000020000000
Elliott, James RNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000110000000000000011000000
Elliston, Jack JNarre Warren Cricket Club00002000000000000000200000000000
Engler, LukeNarre Warren Cricket Club10000000000000001000000000000000
Fernandes, NathanNarre Warren Cricket Club00000200000000000000020000000000
Fletcher, RichardNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000030000000000000003000000
Gamage, DamienNarre Warren Cricket Club20000000010000002000000001000000
Gardiner, Riley CNarre Warren Cricket Club02000000000000000200000000000000
Goncalves, AaronNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000300000000000000030000000
Gonsalvez, Ricardo SNarre Warren Cricket Club00300000000000000030000000000000
Guthrie, BryanNarre Warren Cricket Club03000000000000000300000000000000
Hall, NoahNarre Warren Cricket Club00010000000200000001000000020000
Hareesh Kumar, AdityaNarre Warren Cricket Club00000200000000000000020000000000
Hassan, Abdul ANarre Warren Cricket Club00300000000000000030000000000000
Hassan, AdamNarre Warren Cricket Club00300000000000000030000000000000
Hulangamuwa, SujanNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000031000000000000003100000
Hyndman, AndrewNarre Warren Cricket Club00031000000000000003100000000000
Iyer, VibhuNarre Warren Cricket Club00002000000000000000200000000000
Jarman, Brendan DNarre Warren Cricket Club03000000000000000300000000000000
Jeffery, MitchellNarre Warren Cricket Club00001000000000000000100000000000
Jensen-Schmidt, MarkNarre Warren Cricket Club00010000000000000001000000000000
Johnston, Travis MNarre Warren Cricket Club00002000000000000000200000000000
Kaye, Simon LNarre Warren Cricket Club00020000000000000002000000000000
Khan, Muhammad DawaNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000120000000000000012000000
Kishere, RyanNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000000200000000000000020000
Kulatunge, AaheekaNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000001000000000000000100000
Liyanaarachchi, ChamaraNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000120000000000000012000000
Liyanapathirana, UpekNarre Warren Cricket Club00000000201000000000000020100000
Mallinson, JoeNarre Warren Cricket Club00000200000000000000020000000000